General Information:


We provide all vetbed bedding however you may wish to bring your pets favourite bed, sleeping basket or an item they normally lie on to remind them of home. We cannot guarantee bedding will be returned and or in the same condition it was brought in. Please note we accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to customer belongings ie. any toys / leads etc. The kennels are cleaned daily and toys etc are easily lost when the bedding etc is changed.

Travelling to and from Boarding Accommodation

We strongly advise that you transport your cat in a suitably secure basket or container when carrying him/her outside in a strange environment. You will remain liable for your pet until it is safely inside its allocated accommodation.

Dogs shall remain on leads at all times until safely inside their accommodation suite.


We are happy for you to provide your pets normal diet to reduce the stress caused by diet change whilst at kennels. However we do keep a wide range of food, both wet and dry, in stock. All food is prepared hygienically in the purpose-built kitchen. Regular mealtimes are strictly adhered to. Special diets or medication can be administered. Extra costs may be applied in some cases.


No Pet suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease can be accepted. All pets will be examined on arrival and we reserve the right to refuse admission to any animal showing signs of ill-health, pending advice from a veterinary surgeon. Responsible owners will appreciate that this policy is essential to safeguard the health of all our boarders. All pets should arrive fully treated for fleas and up to date with vaccinations. Should any animal be found to be hosting fleas, the person responsible for collecting the animal will at the time of collection, be liable for all costs of treating both the animal and the surrounding environment should it be considered necessary.

Temperament / Condition and Veterinary Treatment

All animals must be fit, in good condition and have a pleasant temperament when being admitted to Bankend Kennels and Cattery.
We retain the right to seek veterinary advice for any pet which develops signs of illness. All costs to be borne by the owner, this will include any veterinary call out charges, transportation etc. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover this. If appropriate an isolation area, to the same standard as other accommodation, is available.


Male cats over the age of six months, that have not been neutered, cannot be accepted.
All cats must be immunised against Feline Infectious Enteritis and upper respiratory infections (cat ‘flu).

All dogs must be fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para influenza, Leptospirosis and Infectious Bronchitis (kennel cough).

Owners must produce an up-to-date inoculation certificate on arrival. We also request that all pets are wormed and treated for fleas before they are boarded. 

Visitors are politely requested not to enter boarding areas unless accompanied by a member of staff and not touch any pet

Insurance & Licence

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